Caring for your waxed cotton

Do not leave the raincoat in an area with a high ambient temperature, such as a parked car on a hot day. Doing so can cause the wax to transfer onto the lining.

Gently brush away dirt with a soft brush or lint-free fabric.
Sponge with a little cold water to remove more persistent dirt.
Never use hot water, soaps or solvents.
Do not dry clean, do not put in washing machine or dryer.
Allow raincoat to fully dry after cleaning or wear. never pack away damp.
Reproofing will maintain the weatherproofing and lifespan of the raincoat.
Timescale for reproofing is dependent on the amount and type of usage (about 12-18 months for heavy usage).

Need your raincoat reproofed? We have a reproofing service, and also sell wax bars to reproof the raincoat yourself.
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